Plant: Is there any organized activity to flag cultivated observations?

Just wanted to know if anyone does anything about people not flagging cultivated specimens.

I remind observers politely whenever I encounter it :)

The subject title and the body of the post seem to be two different things.

I don’t think there is any organised activity (eg a project) to mark cultivated specimens. A few people make it their business to do so, but whether something is planted or not is often not obvious - eg every plant in a garden is not necessary there due to intentional action of humans.

The second question:

The main response by others, to people not flagging cultivated items, is to flag the item themselves if it is in someway ‘obvious’ that they are cultivated, and point out the flag to the observer.

Personally I just try to help identify the specimen. I think a lot of people start out trying iNat by posting pictures of things in their immediate environment, pets, garden plants etc. If they are encouraged (eg get positive responses and identifications) they will quickly run out of these ‘captive’ things and go searching further afield. If their postings are just ignored (the effect of marking as captive/cultivated), they will probably not bother to continue. The whole point of iNat is to encorage more people to look at, interact with, and appreciate their natural environment - I don’t want to discourage their first tentative steps.


If you know of a high cultivated/low wild but regularly observed species for some region, it’s worth occasionally going through as a DIY project and x’ing the really obvious ones that have come in. If the proportion of cultivated obs is high enough, the system will start auto-casualing new ones (which I guess then have to be opted-in as wild if they are wild):

  • The system will vote that the observation is not wild/naturalized if there are at least 10 other observations of a genus or lower in the smallest county-, state-, or country-equivalent place that contains this observation and 80% or more of those observations have been marked as not wild/naturalized.

I was the one editing Establishment mean and also regularly marking cultivated plant for my place. Glad to know that it’s not going to be endless work.


There are users who are flagging many observations of non-wild organisms as well as trying to raise users’ wareness on this topic but I do not think that there is an organized activity.

you could try to start a new one recruiting willing users

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