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I like to search observations of a certain category of interest (e.g. butterflies) at a certain place (e.g. Taipei City, as I know this place well) under Observations and then look at the number of Species in that category (see first screenshot below). This is quite useful to see the diversity of species, if there is no error.
Looking at the details, I figured out that there are 7 species not from Taipei/Taiwan in the list with each one entry, and it turns out they are all from the same user, now suspended because of Copyright issues as he was using pictures from others, and pictures now deleted.
The issue is that the observations from this suspended user are still open, and thus leading to the wrong statistics / number of species.
There is a trick how to get around that (if the single observations from the suspended user can’t be deleted): what can be done so that those species stop to be shown incorrectly in searches for Taiwan butterflies is to select a different species, whatever it is, under suggest ID, for each of the wrong entries. This way, there will be a conflict and the post will show “butterfly” in general rather than the wrong species for Taiwan. Can you please do so for the 7 posts I flagged (see 2nd picture .jpeg below - I just show/selected the wrong ones).
I could do it myself, but then they show under my identifications and pollute that view, which is not the intent as I am not a Curator.
Thank you in advance. Best regards,

Just to clarify, curators are not responsible for either doing, nor verifying the accuracy of identifications, and their identifications carry the same weight as all other users.

As you note, neither the observations, nor the identifications can be deleted by anyone other than the original observer.

The best thing to do is (which I have done already on these) is to add an identification of your own as ‘Life’, which will then assuming there are not too many people who agreed not knowing it was a copyright violation remove it from the searches etc.


OK, got it. Thanks for your help !

I would also like to note that we generally do not allow negative call-outs on the Forum. Since the user in question is already suspended it’s not an issue in this particular case.
An alternative solution would be to vote in the Data Quality Assessment that the observation has incorrect location / time data, which would remove RG. I don’t know if this makes it “non-verifiable”.

The images are already removed for copyright infringement and they only appear in the search when you un-click the box “Verifiable”. Under default search options, these and also some other captive butterflies disappear.

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