Plants Identifyng by inflorescence or seeds

Hi all,
I find myself collecting seeds from plants I don´t know what they are. Mostly wild perennials.
Is there a feature that adds Photos of seeds and or the inflorescence to the collection of Photos of the species once identified ?

Do you mean the set of taxon photos? If I recall, anyone can add photos to the taxon photo collection by choosing one from among the existing obserbations.

In furtherance to what Jason has explained, any user can at anytime add their own specimen photos to the taxon profile which shows up in some site features such as the ‘compare’ tool, though I think there is a limit to how many you can add. What could and should be added to this platform at some stage is the option to insert dichotomous or diagramatic keys for certain life cycle traits as part of that profile, specifically for many taxa in the Asteraceae including Senecio, Osteospermum, Arctotis and Othonna which can all be distinguished at Genus level well after the flowers have senesced based on the shape and form of the seeds. Depending on the season and conditions of plants in the field, this is an even more accurate way of telling each genus apart

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