Plot comparative distribution maps for taxa

Hi Developers,

I quite frequently like to plot the distributions of related taxa on the same map to look for potential sympatry or boundaries. Would it be possible to implement that on the taxon page for, lets say, up to 5 taxa represented by symbols of different colours?

There is some existing functionality for this, but it’s not linked to anywhere and is a bit clunky. It requires manually entering in the taxon_ids into the URL (and doesn’t display the colors in the legend).,121951,81599


There’s also this tool
Slightly less clunky and it adds the stats pane.


Doesn’t seem to work :(
I tried with Query 1: taxon=870009 and Query 2: taxon=869998. Nothing happened.

I think you need Query 1: taxon_id=870009 and Query 2: taxon_id=869998


This discussion has some tips for the query strings:

Any of the urls that start with "" should work in the compare tool, just use everything that appears after the “?” For example “,26039,47113&place_id=7613,10301” would be taxon_ids=85553,26039,47113&place_id=7613,10301 in the compare query.

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