Possible bug- images are compressed along height and stretched along breadth

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I haven’t had any issue but I notice that many photos yesterday and today are weirdly compressed while reviewing. Their height is compressed and breadth is widened. The proportions are off. I initially didn’t realise this could be happening until I began to get confused regarding ID where proportions were off.

I am sharing a few examples below. I noticed many more.








All are ok for me now.


Yes, same here.

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The photos also look normal to me now. Hopefully, it is resolved for you, too?

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Yes, they look good now for me in Safari 13.1.1. @hopeland if it happens again, please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing.

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@tiwane: Please have a look. thanks.

These screen shots also look normal to me. I’m including a screen shot showing how I see your screen shots :-) (for clarity, I hope!) Do they look differently proportioned to you?

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@carrieseltzer: Yes. they seem differently proportioned. It is subtle but was throwing off my ID of a few species. I noticed it with more than 10 photos day before . As an example. Please read the conversation on providing ID at this link.


I’m a photographer and while I can’t speak on venation, this looks like standard distortion that comes from a wide angle lens. If you look at the pole on the right-hand side, you’ll see its’ curved, and that’s due to the lens. This also means something in the middle looks larger than it would to our eyes.

The GIF on this page shows you how different focal lengths can change the way a subject (in this case a person’s face) looks.