Possible to include Identifiers' IDs in data exports?

(Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else, I could not find it)

First, many thanks for iNaturalist, which has brought me endless hours of fun and single-handedly changed my connection to the natural world around me.

I am a researcher (working in large-scale biodiversity conservation questions), and would love to analyse iNaturalist data. I am interested in analysing the transfer of expertise facilitated by iNaturalist. For this I would like to obtain observation records that also include the ID of the identifiers associated with each observation - is this possible?

I will be very happy to explain the idea in detail if there is someone I should be contacting to discuss this?

You can get the IDs from the API


Depending on your use case, there might be an endpoint better suited to your needs, but you should be able to get the identifiers usernames and ids from there.

The iNat records on GBIF have an “identified by”-field. It is only one identifier, maybe the first one going for the current identification?

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Yeah thats my understanding of that field too

Many thanks to you both for your replies, much appreciated!

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