Possible to Open Observation in "Identify"?

Occasionally I’ll run into an observation (I’ll get tagged, whatever) where I am on the observation page, but really want to use the light/dark/contrast/whatever-it-is tool on the Identify modal. However, I haven’t figured out a quick/easy way to access a specific observation there (by link or observation number).

Any suggestions?

Also, yes, I could download and pull up the image file in GIMP or whatever but that would take like…a minute.

suppose you start with:

insert identify?reviewed=any&quality_grade=any&id= between the last backslash and the id, and you’ll get this:


Ha, I have this problem too! (Wanting to change the brightness, usually.) The quickest way I’ve found is to search in Identify for the observer’s obs of that taxon, or if they have a lot of observations, their observations on that day. But this probably isn’t fast enough for you. Maybe the more computer-literate people will have better suggestions.

this may or may not be slightly more efficient version of what you were thinking:

  1. right-click on the photo you’re interested in the observation page, and select copy link
  2. open up your preferred photo editing application.
  3. in your photo app, choose the option to open a file
  4. when prompted for the file name, paste the copied link, and hit enter. this should download and open up the file.

Thanks, perfect!

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There’s a much easier way that doesn’t require going to the actual Identify page, which I just realized. Just click Compare on any ID, which pulls up this:

It’s basically the same exact popup as you get when clicking on it in Identify, complete with the brightness adjuster tool you want.


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