Posting illustrations for journal posts

From time to time I’d like to post a journal entry with illustrations. The illustrations would not be observations. Is there a way to upload images that are not part of an observation?

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Not really, unfortunately. Here is a relevant feature request:


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The images have to be on the internet. I found using Flickr was the best way to upload them (although I don’t find it a very ‘friendly’ program). Once you upload a photo, there is a way to share it. I can’t remember the precise sequence. Facebook worked for a bit, but was spotty.

I’m familiar with flickr. I’ve used it for my own photos and have also used their API to access images from an iOS app. It should be pretty straightforward to integrate such a feature into the journal software, but, of course, someone would need to take the time to do it. It’d probably be even more straightforward to integrate the existing functionality for use in journal entries only.

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