Pouvoir voir les images en hors ligne / Allow Observation Photos in Android App to be viewable when offline


Est-il possible dans la prochaine mise à jour d’ajouter la possibilité de conserver les images des observations en hors-ligne?

Vous pouvez voir sur les 2 images que l’une est en ligne et l’autre hors ligne

Téléphone Android

Merci !


Is it possible for the next update to add the possibility to see observations pictures even if offline?

You can see on the 2 pictures that the first is in-line and the 2nd is off-line.

Android phone


I added what I think is an accurate English translation of the topic title.

Note that when going from left to right, the image on the left shows what is seen when the phone is offline (in Airplane Mode) and the image on the right shows what is seen when the phone has an internet connection.