Printable Ruler for Size Reference of Observations

I created this ruler to help identifiers get a better sense of the size of the observations made.

I made it as a vector image (SVG file) to allow changes according to anyone’s needs, and can be changed to different sizes or units of measurement, in addition to already being in the standard of an A4 sheet, so it is highly recommended to print it through from the SVG file to get the correct dimensions.

It was based on an existing vector image that I found on Wikipedia, but as there were several irregularities in the original SVG, I decided to create one based on it.

This is the Download Link for the SVG: Forensic Ruler 8x13cm

Since it was made as a vector image, it is also possible to have it printed on wood and metal sheets at specialized places. It will probably require a few adjustments before printing, but generally, the specialized place can handle this type of work.

In my case, I printed it using an office laser printer on cardstock, which is used for party invitations and is laminated. Although it can still be damaged if it gets wet, it is at least thicker and more durable.

I hope you like it and make good use of this ruler!

Here is some of my Observations using this ruler: