Printing a plant list

Is it possible to print a simple list of my plant observations from iNat? Just the name, no further details required. Alphabetical by genus.


generally, you could start by doing an export, selecting only scientific_name (or your choice of fields) as export fields: or[]=Plantae)

from there, you could rearrange / reformat the results as needed.

you could also get a version of the data from the top “species” list in the Explore page (or some alternate version of it, such as, again, reformatting as needed.)

the problem with this second approach is that it includes only “leaf taxa” down to species. so if you have a subspecies record, it will be reported at species level. and if you have, say, observations at the dicot class level and also observations of, say, a legume (which is a dicot), then “dicot” will not be included in the leaf taxon list if your list also includes the legume. you can see what i mean when you compare the 2 sets below:

  1. your plant observations at the class level or above:

  2. your plant observations at the tribe level or above:


Thanks so much for your reply. Really helpful. Easy when you know how!

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you’re welcome. i’m glad you were able to do what you wanted to do.

one last note. i’m not sure which path you took to achieve your goal, but if you went with the first option that i noted above, you should know that besides using the link directly to the export screen, you can also get to that screen in other ways. for example, you can start with the Explore screen, then click on the Filters button, then click on the Download option in the bottom right corner of the filters menu. or you could also open up an traditional project, and click the option to Export Observations (to CSV).

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