What is the easiest way to show my observations in a taxonomic tree?

I’m looking for a site which will accept the exported CSV of my research-grade observations (+/- restructuring of the CSV as necessary), and produce a nice tree of my observations (ie, with branches at each taxonomic level, with the species at the end).

I would also be happy with a onion-style pie chart (with each taxonomic level representing a different layer of the pie chart)

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I’ve just discovered that it may be possible to do this within the latest version of Excel, There is a function called “Insert hierarchy chart”. Investigating further…


However, this is a little buggy and may not always work the way you expect. As far as I know, something like this may be in the works for the general ‘explore’ view. In the meantime you could add your voice to this feature request: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/implement-taxonomic-view-for-observations-search-page/244

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Thank you @schoenitz, I didn’t fully appreciate this tree existed on iNaturalist.

I would like to be able to store the data as a PDF file and manipulate/tweak it graphically. I’m sure that is in the pipeline. Thanks again.

Meanwhile, I found this, which gives a pretty good tutorial of how to do it in excel:


there’s something like this on the “your Year on iNat” page (https://www.inaturalist.org/stats/2019/yourusername), although that only shows species from one year.


Oh wow, that is such a cool page. I had no idea…

Is it possible to use the page for stats just relating to a specific project?

Ok, without any doubt, the easiest and best way to do this is by just copying and pasting your excel spreadsheet into this site:


It’s exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend you have a play with it.

not as far as I know :(

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