Project automatically adding observations

Sorry for not using the format - I changed this from General to Bug Reports after writing it. This was on the website using Chrome.

I used to live near a ferry terminal, and so I joined a Dock Fouling project The problem is, it keeps adding ALL of my observations to the project (ridiculous ones, like a Lyall’s mariposa lily and stuff). I can’t seem to remove them. I’m not really sure where to post this, since it doesn’t seem like a bug, just a problem with settings that I haven’t been able to figure out. How can I remove my observations?

If I don’t misunderstand, your inclusion criteria are for all species except the species listed on your about page. It looks like it works the way you set it up, i.e. not a bug.

You’d need to either somehow specify the organisms you want, or exclude organisms more broadly (all of dicots? not sure what would work for you).

edit: and by “species” I meant taxa.

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Is there a way to see who the administrators are so I can contact them about this? It’s really annoying to see plants in Eastern WA listed as on a dock fouling project! I’m leaving that project ASAP.

It’s luanroberts, right on the page you linked to. Sorry I didn’t realize that it’s not your project.

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I see, thank you! I missed that while I was panicking about 200 lilies and what-not being included. I’ll reach out to her.

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