Project creator/admin no longer active; transfer project ownership?

Hi! This is the account belonging to the Mycological Society of Toronto (MST) (

One of our former executive members created a collection project in 2019 in our name, but under his former account. The project includes all observations of fungi anywhere in the world at any time. The former executive member’s former account has not been active since October 2021. The project:

We have tried contacting him by sending him a message through this platform and by email to ask if he would either transfer ownership of the project to the MST or delete it. It has been several weeks now and he has not responded.

Is there a way to reclaim the project or delete it?

Thanks very much.

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This is a collection project, so effectively just a saved search. You can simply make your own, it will contain all the same observations. The old one shouldn’t really get in the way.

Actually, looking at it it contains all mushroom observations worldwide. Going by the project description (“A collection of mushroom specimens collected during the Mycological Society of Toronto forays.”) you probably don’t want this.

So you could formulate your own, more restrictive inclusion criteria.


If I understand the original post correctly, it is not that you want to recreate this project. It is that you want to be able to correct or delete it, because it is up there, representing your organisation. Probably best to send an email to to see what options might be available. As the project is clearly not doing what it is supposed to, and the creator has not been active on the site for years, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to delete it.


Projects aren’t managed by staff, so if a project’s creator/admin is unresponsive, the only option is to make a new project.

Thank you. This is what I was looking for. We don’t want to be associated with a project that isn’t being maintained and is not focused on our region.

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