Project List Jumps

When adding an observation from my iPhone, as I scroll the Projects list to select projects to add it to, the list jumps forward. I may be approaching the project I want to select, but as I slow to get to it, suddenly it’s gone, because the list has jumped ahead, and I have to scroll back up to get to it. Next I want to add it to another project farther down the list, but it may jump again, making for a very frustrating experience.

It didn’t used to do this, but it has been doing it for over a year now (maybe more than two). I keep waiting to see if an update will fix it, but it seems here to stay, so I thought I would ask about it. Is there a plan to fix this? The fact that it didn’t used to do it makes me think it can go back to that state… ? Thanks in advance!

Hi Ashley, this is a known bug, I’m sorry we haven’t fixed it yet. Does this bug report accurately describe what you’re experiencing?

I will note it no longer happens to me, however. Which device and which version of the iNaturalist app and iOS are you using?

Thanks! It could be the same bug, though it doesn’t jump all the way down to the collections projects. How far it jumps seems to depend on how big of a flick I give the list to scroll it. A minor nudge will jump, but only partially down. If I give it a big ol’ swipe, then it might jump all the way down to the bottom.

I’m using an iPhone SE with iOS 12.4.1 and the latest version of iNaturalist, but this has lasted through several iOS updates and multiple iNat updates.