Project Location - Cant pick suburbs

Not sure whether this should go under bug report or feature request so am putting it here. I have created a project and want to restrict the observations to a small area (A suburb) but when I look for the suburb in the project location search field it does not come up. Could this be a bug or just how it is meant to work?

Project Location - iNaturalist|690x388

More info needed please; you’re trying to add ‘Burwood’ to the filter, but I can’t find that place as existing in iNat. Is it a place that already exists on the site?

When I add an observation and search the location, Burwood VIC and other burwoods pop up. However when I search for Burwood in the project location search, fewer Burwoods come up. See attached photos.

The locations that can be searched via the explore tab or upload screen are not the same as ‘places’ in iNat. The search bar where Burwood, VIC shows for you is searching for place names in Google Maps. For the project, however, it’s searching for actual iNat ‘places’ ( An ‘official’ place does not exist for Burwood on iNat currently.

You’ll have to create Burwood as a place on iNat. You can do this via this link by either manually drawing the boundaries, or importing a shape file if one exists. Keep in mind that places are quite resource-intensive on iNat, and it can take a little while for them to start collecting observations.


Thank you :)