Project - Map View - Obscured Locations question

I created a new project,

If I go to the map, almost all of the observations are obscured. Unfortunately, that means everything shows up as square red blobs.

If I zoom way in, I can distinguish between the two projects (green location markers for Coontie, red location markers for Atala), but is there a way in the more general view to switch it to show the location markers?

I know obscured locations can’t show the exact location. The website picks a random location within X distance, and that’s fine… but is there a way to make everything not just look like big red blobs? (Regardless of if the observation is “green” or “red”) Can I make the obscured squares the appropriate color at least?

Thanks in advance,

I don’t think that there’s a way to do this in iNat - I would suggest downloading the data and mapping them yourself in your geospatial software of choice.

it sounds like you’re really just trying to overlay one taxon on top of another, using a distinct set of markers for each, right?

there’s an “experimental compare tool” that will allow you to do something like that. for example:

you can also use the taxon map, specifying multiple taxa, although i don’t think you can filter for place or project at the same time. for example:

you can also make your own custom maps. to me, this describes the fastest way to do something like that:


This is absolutely amazing, and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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