Proper adjectives/denonyms for iNaturalist users

I was having a talk with colleagues recently about naming users of iNaturalist properly. We came to the logical conclusion that when describing a user it would be best to use “iNaturalist” or in a plural form “iNaturalists”, but this did not stop us from coming up with other interesting suffixes to help (or negate) the flow of sentences when describing users. Below are some of our ideas:

  • iNaturalist/iNaturalists
  • iNaturalan/iNaturalans
  • iNaturalistian/iNaturalistians
  • iNatty/iNattys
  • iNattie/iNatties
  • iGnaturalist/iGnaturalists (for the entomologists)
  • iNaturalite/iNaturalites (for urbanites)
  • iNatpacker/iNatpackers (for backpackers)
  • iNatnoob/iNatnoobs (for greenhorns)
  • iNatter/iNatters
  • iNaustralian/iNaustralians (for our friends down under)
  • iNaturalnaut/iNaturalnauts (for our sea farers)
  • iNaturaleer/iNaturaleers
  • iNaturanears/iNaturanears(for your local community)
  • iNaster/iNasters (either the masters on iNaturalist, or users who are less squeamish…pick one)
  • iNaturaholic/iNaturaholics (for those of us that can’t get enough, in a good way)

We can’t think of them all, clearly. If there’s one or a few that I’ve missed, let me know.


I haven’t heard much used aside from iNatter, at least in English.


Perhaps iNutters, from non-iNat users. :)

or focused on nut producing trees.


iNatter/iNattern would be taxonomically myopic.

I like the iNaturaholic. May start using it to refer to myself.

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update: oops… i guess discourse doesn’t support some emojis

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