Matching observation counts with links on taxon tab - verifiable only or all?

I’d prefer it if the link on a taxon page from the number of observations were the URL that actually returned that number of observations. For example, I’m looking at and Presbytis hosei says 2 observations. But when I click on the 2, the link is, which actually returns 0 observations since both are casual. Maybe the link could be Or alternatively, show 0 as the number of observations since the link returns 0?

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I figured that might be a bit wonky. It’s really too much of a heavy lift to calculate those values dynamically on that page so if they’re really inaccurate I’ll just remove them.

Ah, I misunderstood. So you’re not finding any where the count is totally wrong, just ones where some of the obs are Casual and thus aren’t showing up in the default search when you click that link? That I can fix.


:smiley: Thank you for this feature: it is really most useful.
Much appreciated!


I’ve just noticed this new feature: a count of observations per taxon on the taxonomy page. Excellent thank you!! BTW, it seems a bit odd that the count is global rather than reflecting the location (i.e. when looking at the taxon page of Lepidoptera from Southern Africa, I see the global count.) (filtered by “Southern Africa”). If we could have the local count, that would be great.

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