Purpose of the Agree on an Agree buttons?


What is the purpose of the ‘Agree’ button when you’ve already identified something and someone else confirmed the identification? For example, I put in a bird I’m certain is a House Sparrow, someone agrees it’s a House Sparrow and it becomes Research Grade, but I still get an “Agree” button regarding their confirmation. Is there etiquette where I should agree to their agree (after all, I am grateful regarding the confirmation). I may be framing my search wrong, but can’t seem to find an answer.



You don’t need to click ‘Agree’ if you’ve already ID’ed it to the same yourself.

There’s a lengthy discussion about etiquette here that touches on misuse of the ‘Agree’ button:



I “agree” with the original poster that I’ve been confused by this too.

‘You don’t need to click ‘Agree’ if you’ve already ID’ed it to the same yourself.’

But why are we even given that option? I read that thread, which gets into some good details on more complicated ID discussions. But let’s imagine the simple case like the screenshot below where I suggested an ID and another user agreed. Why am I prompted to “Agree” at all? Obviously that option needs to be there for evolving/changing ID, ID disagreements, etc. Maybe it’s too difficult or creates other problems if these situations of “self-agreement” were somehow automatically excluded?

So bottom-line…when these show up in our Dashboard…we just ignore the “Agree”?




It’s a misfeature. There’s some discussion about what should be changed here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/agree-button-on-identify-thumbnails/1597

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Thanks. So much in iNat is done right, I had assumed this was a feature rather than a bug ;)



That is what I thought. Thanks!!