Put the species list in a sidebar rather than hovering over the map on the Explore/Observations page

Apologies if this has been discussed before (I tried searching but can’t find any mention of it).

The current position of the species list on the Explore/Observations page has it hovering over the map. This is annoying because observations that are included in the list can be covered up by the list. It would be much more practical and user-friendly to rearrange the page so that the map takes up only a portion of the page width, with the remaining width occupied by the list.

Current layout with species list blocking some of the map:

Hypothetical layout with species list not blocking the map:


yes please! If you make this a feature request i think i’d even rustle up one of my precious votes for it. This is a large part of why i don’t use that page so much, especially on a smaller computer screen

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While we’re moving things off the map, it sure would be nice to move the Place of Interest box off the map too. With both things hovering over the map there’s not much map left and you can’t actually see the places because they’re under the box.


I fully agree, I think it would be much more practical to have the species list as a sidebar, and I would also agree with moving the Places of Interest button someplace else as it isn’t directly linked to map layers, etc., and personally, I have never even used it.


I agree, the species list and map control overlays should be responsive enough to stick to the sides of the map view rather than be fixed in place in the middle of it. I’ve often wondered why they aren’t.

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Yes, and while we’re at it, extend the map to the size of the window/screen please!


Yes, yes, yes!! I like the species and other info but would like to be able to move and anchor them

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It may also be useful to be able to collapse the species list to the right hand side of the screen to get it out of the way altogether.


Since updating the Explore page is already on the team agenda there’s no need to make this a Feature Request. We’ll definitely take it into account when we’re looking at a re-design.


Thanks @tiwane! That’s good to know.


Excellent topic! In my day job I do a lot of map-making and information-designing. A fundamental principle of both cartography and info-design is to NOT cover up, hide, or obscure your data. So I’ve been mystified as to why iNat covers up so much of its maps, making it difficult to see locations in the observations list. Yes, please, move the observations list off the map area into a sidebar. Thanks!


Yeah, this is one of the aspects of the map view that drives me crazy.

Just made a Feature Request for this, but as this topic had been discussed previously it was denied as a Feature Request.

Although it looks like about 7 months have gone by and there has been no change…


Any updates on this topic (rearranging the map so that the species and tool/navigation boxes don’t cover so much of the map)?


I’m late to this discussion, but here’s a related request: the ability to draw a box on the map as the bounding box for a search.

Currently, if I want to search for observations in a given non-standardised region (say, Southern Italy), I need to zoom into it, then fiddle with the size of my browser’s window to get a good shape, then do “Redo search on map” (map which, as discussed above, is half covered by the species list):

It would be great if we could simply draw a box directly into the map:

Even better (dreaming high now) if we could do a custom-shape selection box (complex polygon, circle around a given point…).

PS - I absolutely love iNaturalist already, these extra things are just bells and whistles. Many thanks for all your work.


@anasacuta, there’s this feature request: