Why does clicking "Species" on an iNat profile now lead to their Life List?

I just realized it and find it quite annoying. As I have mentioned in previous topics, I find the “Life List” feature confusing and prefer the Explore page. Can this be changed back?

If you click on “Observations” it takes you to the explore page (map, options for filters, etc).

Having “Species” take you to the life-list page makes sense as ‘species’ implies that you’re interested in what species they’ve seen rather than the observations themselves. You can still see the observations by clicking “observations” just above “species” on the profile.


Yes, I’m aware of that, and I realize it’s an easy workaround, but personally I just find this annoying. Sounds like others probably won’t agree with me.

Forgive me, but I don’t see how it is annoying. To my mind it would be more annoying if both “observations” and “species” went to the same location.

“Observations” is the first clickable option under the profile picture, so it’s generally the one that will be noticed and clicked on first in any event.


I agree, and from that view its just one more click to get to “species” (I think that is the view that was previously linked to “species” on the profile page).

I honestly find the life list feature quite useful, as it offers a quick way to get an overview of what a users taxonomic focus might be. And I think linking it to “species” makes it a bit more visible then having to navigate to lists and fid it there.


@fluffyinca others have stated why the Species tab links to the dynamic life list, and it’s not something we plan on changing. I know the dynamic life list might be a bit difficult to understand at first, here’s some info on how it works. I think once you start playing around with it’s pretty powerful but there’s a bit of a learning curve (as there is with Explore, I would argue).

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