Q: book “Fauna Helvetica Apidea 1 Bombus from F. Amiet 2017/2018”


Do you use and/or know of a review about the book “Fauna Helvetica Apidea 1 Bombus from F. Amiet , A. Muller, Ch. Praz 2017/2018”?

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If you read German, there’s a review here: https://www.zobodat.at/pdf/Mitt-Int-Ent-Ver_22_3-4_1998_0178.pdf

Brief discussion of the volume here, along with other recommendations for identification literature: https://www.wildbienen.info/systematik/determination.php; likewise here: https://www.naturbeobachtung.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Bestimmungsliteratur-Stechimmen-Deutschland-2016.pdf

I’ve used some of the other Apidae volumes but not this particular one. For Bombus in central Europe the “Feldbestimmungsschlüssel” by Gokcezade et al. (available on zobodat.at as a free pdf) is useful.

As with any scientific literature, whether a specific text is useful to you or not will depend on what your needs are.

Hello @spiphany

Thank you for your help, information and for the (free available) “Feldbestimmungsschlüssel” by Gokcezade et al.

Yes, I read/write German. I also use other Apidae volumes. But also the bands of Scheuchl.

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