Free butterfly book for Central Europe (pdf)

CitaatWe hebben de veldgids voor dagvlinders van Peter Gergely nu gratis als pdf beschikbaar gemaakt. In mijn ogen is dit de beste vlindergids voor het grootste deel van Europa. Alleen het zuidwesten en hoge noorden staan er niet in. Maar daarvoor staan alle moeilijke soorten vlak bij elkaar en zijn de onderscheidende kenmerken met pijltjes aangegeven, zowel voor de boven- als onderkant en vrouwtjes en mannetjes.

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Which website is mentioned on page 9 of this book?

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In Europe one rarely see iNaturalist mentioned but on page 7 it is. But i can not find the original post. is it abook created from Flicker phtos ?
A Photographic Guide - Butterflies of Central Europe & Britain Author Peter Gergely.

BlockquoteThe butterfly monitoring is an important and necessary activity to determine the status of butterfly
populations and their distribution. Every person can help in collecting butterfly data with different platforms
and methodologies. Making the data available is a decisive action for the improvement of conservation and
research. Here we describe some useful and easy platforms where you can be part of one citizen science
community and share your observations for the improvement of the conservation of butterflies and
biodiversity in general.
o ButterflyCount App (eBMS) for Apple and Android devices -
o iNaturalis
o Observation

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  • I found the book on Linkedin, a place I do not visit often and I certainly would not expect butterfly books…

    Link doesn’t open without working proxy, so it may be great to post a different link to this pdf.

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    Yes, this is working! Great, thank you!

    The poll is closed but there is no website on page 9. That’s my vote!

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