Query using Observation Field Value for download retrieves 0 rows

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Step 1: Create the following query (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations(id)?place_id=123662&field:DNA%20Barcode%20ITS and executed it in a browser window, which brought back the expected 134 observations.

Step 2: Clicked on Filters, then Download and found the following string in the Query slot:

Step 3: Ran the query and no rows returned. (Also tried replacing the uncorrupted query string originally used in the browser to bring back the observation list. Again, no rows returned)

133 rows

With my query I can reproduce the issue. I get a zipfile with 0 rows in it. Probably I used chrome.

If you follow the use case steps, you do receive 134 rows in the browser window, but 0 rows in the download. You can see the corruption of the url query – replaces the “0” with “B”.

Download works fine for me. I get a csv with 134 rows and 133 observations.
I pasted https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=123662&field:DNA%20Barcode%20ITS from above into the query box on the export page.

Yeah, it does seem to mess up the observation field query. I wrote a bug report for it on GitHub.


i think this is fixed