Download observations with flowering phenology fails: field is empty

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Step 1: From Filters drop-down of taxon observations select ‘download’ and build a query as below:

Step 2:
quality_grade=research&identifications=any&place_id=97389&taxon_id=438708&verifiable=true Columns id, observed_on, latitude, longitude, geoprivacy, taxon_geoprivacy, scientific_name, field:flowering+phenology

Step 3: wait for query to complete, then download the results

I know the field ‘flowering phenology’ is set in many records since I have spent an hour or so adding annotations to many of these, and other, records.

It looks like these observations have the Annotation set, but no observation fields. Annotations can’t currently be downloaded with the export tool.

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Can they be downloaded via the API?

Yes, in a few different ways. But if you only want information on the observations that are annotated flowering, you can filter for those in the Export tool.

The export won’t show the flowering annotation as a column, but it only includes flowering observations.

If you want to use the API, you can search the forum for “API annotation” to get some ideas, e.g. this topic. Implementations will vary depending on your preferred language and output format.

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Many thanks. Managed to get the code in Observable to do what I need.

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