Question about profile photo and "replying"

Does anyone actually know what it means when someone’s profile photo appears with “replying” next to it for a long time? At first I thought it meant someone was replying to something I said, so I would wait a while, but then no reply would ever show up. Sometimes I would then see that the person just made a comment on another thread to someone else, so obviously they weren’t replying to me. So does it just mean that the person is reading the particular topic, replying to something I wrote but it could be on any thread, or it isn’t personal at all and just means that the person is on the forum somewhere doing something?

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if they open topics in different windows/tabs, and had chosen reply in one of the windows but didn’t finish replying, then it would appear that they are still typing a reply when in fact they have moved on to reading other topics in other tabs. I occsionally find tabs open with the reply box started, but I had decided not to write the reply. If I close the tab, then open that topic at some later stage, the reply box is still active! I imagine what you are noticing is one or other, or possibly a combination, of these two situations


Thank you for explaining.

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