Forum "replied to" icons don't seem to show consistently


Not sure if apparent Forum bugs should be here or under Bug Reports, so feel free to move.

When I reply directly to someone’s post without quoting them, sometimes the resulting reply post shows the icon of the user I am replying to at upper right of the post, and other (most?) times it does not.

Hard to provide definitive examples of where the icon is missing (absence of evidence and all that…), but I think this and this are ones where it did not show up even though I replied directly to someone’s post. And this is one where it did show up.

Would help with flow of discussions if this context was always shown.

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i think if you hit the upper reply button on the post it shows the photo, and if you hit the lower reply button that is blue, it does not. I don’t like it, actually, because i usually don’t want to refer specifically to one person if i don’t quote them, rather the post in general. But there may be another bug there too.



If you’re replying to the last post in the topic, it doesn’t show the replied to icon. If you’re replying to an earlier post, it does.



testing replying to myself…



but then replying to my first comment again

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Yes, that seems to be the explanation, thanks! Knowing that now makes reading a discussion thread less confusing, but before knowing that, more so.



I’ve been scratching my head over this for weeks, then today discovered the pattern. Popped in here to see if it’s been raised before, and it’s confirmed… I’m slow!



Bug Reports should only be for reporting iNaturalist bugs, so this is the right category.