Question about the “photo & videos” mode of the Ceyomur CY 65 trail cam

Good morning.

I thought that my trail cam (a Ceyomur CY 65) would take photos at the same time as it films the animals but I have noticed several times that they are visible in the photos and that most of the sequences show nothing. So, I wonder if in this mode, the camera doesn’t first take the photos (in my case, I programmed it for 5 shots) and only afterward, it records the video.

Can anyone who knows this model tell me if this is the case and, if so, how can I ask it to take the photos at the same time as the video?

this is your 3rd thread now asking for very technical advice about an obscure trail cam.

the best and only advice you’ve received so far, and probably the best advice that you will continue to get in this forum, is that you probably need to look elsewhere for this kind of information.

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OK, thanks for the answers (I forgot that I had already opened a topic on my trail cam).

I will also follow your advice and look into Amazon.