Need information on a Ceyomur brand hunting camera

Good morning.

I hope I’m posting in the right place.

I’ve been thinking about getting a hunting camera for a while.

My cousin, who owns one from the Ceyomur brand, convinced me.

I found this model on the French Amazon site which seems interesting to me:

However, I have a few questions regarding this model (and this brand in general):

What is the range of WiFi?

Can we have video streaming on a Mac OS?

What is its autonomy with wifi activated?

What about its resistance to winter temperatures (for example, in the mountains)?

Is there effective security against the theft of this camera?

Generally speaking, which SD card is recommended for using a trail camera*?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

You will probably have better luck posting on a forum dedicated to photography.


you can ask these questions on the Amazon product page or contact the seller or manufacturer directly.


I want to, but it seems to me that Amazon only allows you to post reviews, not questions about the product.

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you can post questions. start here:



I’ve forgotten this option :)

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