Questions about iNaturalist project settings for Agricultural Landscape Biodiversity Monitoring

Hi everyone! Since sustainability become the only option are necessary major efforts to track the biodieversity in Anthromes. Especially in complex agrosystems where a significant amount of species diversity can be maintined. In a specific crop we have thought in create an iNat project.
This will consist in any register format: photo or/and sound. But we have some questions:

  1. If we wanna to work 3 big zones of our country. How can we choose multiple places inside one project?
  2. Bioacustic data can be dowloaded by everyone or the sound data can be just available for project admins?
    We are still figuring out details but this pretends to be a strategy to community monitoring of an important and big crop in my country.

What do you think?

Hi @alsocab and welcome to the iNaturalist forums! It looks like you are considering using iNaturalist projects to support your research, which is great.

I recommend that you read iNaturalist’s guide to Managing Projects (I’m not sure if there is a Spanish language version of this page).

It’s important to understand the three types of project structure that iNat offers:

  • Collection projects automatically include all observations that meet particular criteria (geography, taxa, date range, etc.) This is good when your goal is to capture all observations that meet those criteria.
  • Traditional projects require someone to manually add observations to the project. A traditional project allows you do things like specify particular observation fields that must be added. These are best when you’re aiming to collect more detailed data from a smaller number of trained observers.
  • Umbrella projects are a way to group several projects together. They can include either traditional projects or collection projects.

If all the observations will be by a small group of users, you might set up a traditional project for each of your three areas. If, instead, you’re looking to gather observations by all iNat users or by people with limited training, it would be better to set up a collection project for each area. You can then group together your three projects within a single umbrella project.

In defining the area for each project, it’s best to use existing places within iNaturalist if you can. If you have trouble with this, ask questions here.

Photos and sounds entered on iNaturalist are available for anyone to view/hear. You can set a license for reuse of these media, but you can’t make them private. You can make location data private or obscured if that seems necessary.


Just to clarify: collection projects can include multiple places within a single project, while traditional projects cannot. So using an umbrella project would only be necessary if using traditional projects for each area. However, using multiple collection projects within an umbrella would allow comparisons among the areas, which might be difficult if all three areas are in one collection project.


A traditional project can include multiple places via project rules. But only one outline will appear on the map in the project’s page.


Thanks for the correction! I hadn’t figured out how to do that - now I know.

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