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I work for a company that has a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and nature engagement. We have multiple locations around the globe and I would like to host a “project”. Does anyone have recommendations on what style project might be best (traditional, collection, umbrella)?

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This decision is entirely dependent on what kind of data you want to collect/collate, what your goals are, etc. Do you have any more info relating to these?


That sounds to me like an umbrella project made up of multiple collection projects, one collection project per location.


You could make a collection project for each location, then make an umbrella project so you can easily compare the data. You have a choice between making the collection project a normal one or a traditional one. Here is an example of a traditional project: To do one there is no optional so you will need to use this link: A example of a collection project: Hope this helps!


Keep in mind that traditional projects are not a type of collection project; each is something different

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Mainly engaging employees around the globe to get outside, learn more about nature, and introduce them to iNaturalist. We’d likely have a competition to see who can ID the most or something

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In that case, best thing to do is create a collection project ( When creating the project, assuming you don’t want to set any taxonomic or spatial filters (so the only requirement for participants is that they’re an employee of the company), just make sure to tick this box:

With this in mind, you’ll have to make sure each employee actually joins the project when they join iNat. Joining simply requires them to click the button at top right of the project homepage, looks like this:

This set up will mean that all observations those employees make on iNat will automatically get collected by the project without them having to do any extra/manual steps.

If your competition is at an individual level (no matter where they are in the world), then just one project is sufficient. However, with your different branches at different spots around the world, let’s say you wanted them to compete against each other (as well as intra-branch competition between individuals); you would then create multiple projects. You can easily do this by creating one, then editing it and clicking this button (and then renaming it appropriately):

You would then create an umbrella project as noted by @RangerMyles; this is done via the same link I posted above, but ticking this box instead:
You’d then add all the individual branch projects to the umbrella to allow easy comparison.

Let me know if you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or send me a message


I was thinking of something like that–sort of your company’s own City Nature Challenge.

Not knowing where their offices are located, I suggest you take care not to encourage people to go out iNatting more than is safe under local pandemic guidelines. The good thing is that observing is a great solo or small group activity that can accommodate most local circumstances.

CNC in 2020 and 2021 and last year’s Socially Distant Bioblitzes tried to avoid too much competition. Perhaps “compete” for company locations that have the highest percentage of employee participation, rather than overall observation numbers.

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