Questions regarding Observation submission rule

Hello I have a couple question regarding submitting an Observation.

  1. I made an observation about lime butterfly which I took care since larvae but I release her when she’s an adult butterfly. Does this made the observation a captive or wild ?
  2. Is it okay if I use photo editing software to increase brightness of Observation picture that I think are too dark too see ? What about making outline or red circle to highlight the organism ?
  3. Am I going to have some trouble if I post my Observation picture in my other social media ? Is it okay to post picture of my Observation on other social media platform ?

Thank you in advance. I am new to iNaturalist and I have no one to show me the ropes.

You can start with the help page

  1. Only if you photograph it after the release, but it’d be better to have photographs of caterpillar and post those at the date you caught it.
  2. Of course, all camera photos are edited, so you can do everything you wish of that kind. Instead of using circles it’s better to crop the picture, you can upload original together with it.
  3. Your photos are licenced as yours, they never belong to anybody else, you’re free to do everything you want to with them.

Hmmm… What if I forget to took picture when she’s still a caterpillar and the picture I have is when I releasing her (i.e the butterfly is in my hand but hasn’t took off.) does she still count as captive ?
Thanks for the information beforehand… :blush:

Yes, until it took off it’s still captive, but make a captive observation of it, you can also add a casual observation without the photograph for the caterpillar, so you will have a record of when you saw it.

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