A question about captive/cultivated observations

A few days ago, I caught two roach nymphs in my yard of a species I had not seen at all. I’m currently housing them and raising them to adulthood to see if they turn out to be the species I’ve guessed since nymphs of said species are practically undocumented outside pet roach websites, and therefore iNaturalist’s algorithm has no idea what they are. My question is whether or not adding photos of them as adults to my observation dated at the time I caught them would be okay or not. And if I made separate observations, would the adult observation have to be classified as captive/cultivated? They’d still be the same two roaches, just as adults.


You should add a separate, captive observation, each new day is a new observation, since you moved them, they’re captive.


You can link observations. In the notes for the new observation, place the URL to the old one, and vice versa (you can go back and edit notes). Add whatever other notes you feel will help people to understand that the two observations are of the same individuals.


That makes sense. Hopefully people will be able to figure out the captive observation is a follow-up of the original wild caught one.

You can link them together, add a comment, description and/or observation field.


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