Quick easy question about ID's

I’m trying to be a good iNat citizen and get to 2.5 times as many ID’s as my number of observations (h/t @dianastuder). I’m new to IDing.

Quick question. In this observation:

Acc (m): 323 I guess means that the observation location is accurate to a radius of 323 metres.

Then there is an icon of a globe, and it says, “somewhere on Earth”

Don’t we know where it is? In San Carlos de Guaroa, Meta, Colombia?

Why does it say “somewhere on Earth” ?


The location pin does display “San Carlos de Guaroa, Meta, Colombia”. The country the observation is in is typically displayed next to the globe icon (in this case it should say “Colombia”) but will display “somewhere on Earth” as it loads. I’d be curious to know if you refresh the page, does the hiccup correct itself? In any case, I wouldn’t worry about it; the location information for the observation is intact.

[Edit: in fact, I was able to locate this observation and it does indeed have “Columbia” beside the globe icon.]