Place weirdness in Identify modal

Has there been a change in the Identify modal? In the last few minutes general weirdness has been happening. This observation has a place pin but does not have a date, and yet the Identify modal still has the “Somewhere on Earth” placeholder text.

and the observation:

it knows the exact location, but somehow doesn’t recognize the country. I also see the “somewhere on earth” text in identify, but only while it is loading. Is this happening on all identify pages, or only with certain filters?

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I do use a filter, but this only seems to happen occasionally and I can’t yet see a common factor…

I see ‘somewhere on earth’ flash past briefly, before iNat says, oh yes, Cape Town.
Here I would blame it on our slow internet connection.

I just went to check it was still doing it, and it isn’t. Shows “New Zealand” now, so not sure what has changed. If it was a slow connection thing I would image other places in the site it would impact as well, and it wasn’t. It also only affected a couple observations, so maybe just a glitchy browser, fixed by a restart…

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