Quick question about Bearded Vultures

Ok, so I’m on a deep dive learning about Bearded Vultures at the moment because quite frankly they’re awesome, and I’ve got a question that I can’t find the answer to anywhere:

I know that vultures often use vomitting as a defense mechanism, but I’ve also found out that Bearded Vultures do not have a crop. Also, as their diet is 80% bone, throwing up might be a slightly different prospect. As their stomach acid is so low a PH, it seems like throwing it up could be… quite off-putting to say the least! My question is, then, do Bearded Vultures vomit as a defense mechanism?

Thanks in advance!!

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I believe that it’s New World vultures that vomit, not old world ones. As I understand it they vomit mainly as a way of lightening themselves to escape danger, not as an active defensive mechanism.

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It’s the first time I hear about vomiting vultures tbh, though I have only a scarce image about New World ones if they’re who do that (and google says yes, Turkey Vultures do that).

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