Quiz Game Development Opportunity

Hey app developers,

Why isn’t there a NatureNerd Trivia Quiz Game? Or is there?

iNat data would make for a great natural history quiz app. The trick would be to empower users to create their own quizzes. User creates a target list of taxa, for example 16 common trees. That could be the extent of the customization: just create a taxon list. Fancier options could be to restrict images geographically, choose from some game play options, or whatever. Each turn, the game fetches a random image from Research Grade Observations of one randomly selected taxon from the list. Player must select correct taxon, or select from 4 choices that include the correct (matching) taxon + 3 incorrect distractors. Game continues, tracking percent correct choices. Could be chunked in sets of ten images.

Teachers, students, and nature nerds would probably enjoy this. The ideal thing is that it can be very easy (10 common and very distinct bird species) or very hard (20 devilishly similar species of plants or fungi) and therefore can be useful to many different audiences.

I think this app could be widely used. It would be so much more fun than the canned quizzes that have only a few images of each taxon and can only be played once or twice. I do not have skills or time to work through the development process but if I did, I’d do it. There were the beginnings of something like this using Encyclopedia of Life data at one point, but it was lost in the general implosion of that entire website. Thoughts?

Jon H


I’m imagining this something like the eBird quiz - maybe this could even be a feature within iNat? I know, it would probably be hard to develop (I know nothing about programming, so please correct me if I’m wrong), but I would find this a pretty cool feature. It could also be used to learn how to ID certain species before going to a new place, etc.

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I like this idea ;)

Yes, a lot like that - except customizable to limit the taxon set. Even in a given location and season (as done in the eBird Quiz) there would be a frustratingly huge range of possibilities.

It would be cool as a taxa based thing, where it could show “This is Family F, and it contains genus X, Y and Z… X has… Y has… and Z can be distinguished by… here are some pics showing the features… and here are a bunch of images for you to have a go at putting to X, Y or Z”

We have most of this in iNat, with the identify pages and the about taxa pages… but a more “classroom activity” oriented version of it would be cool. I would imagine the makers of classroom resources could do a lot with this sort of interconnectivity with iNat.

unless you want something super fancy, i think the hardest thing is not the coding. it’s figuring out a proper workflow / design that makes sense. to do a quiz the way eBird does or as you guys have proposed, i think the first thing to consider is the quality of the photos. how do you ensure that all the photos will be relatively high-quality for the quiz? do you make a project(s) that contains observations and source the photos from that (extra work)? do you pick from the curated photos on the taxon page (limited selection)? or do you assume that photos could be relatively low quality? if photos could be relatively low quality, i think that probably means that you should consider approaching the quiz in a different way – maybe more like one of those 3x3 or 4x4 CAPTCHA grids that asks you to select all the buses or traffic signs that you see, or a tinder-like format that asks you to swipe right on only, say, cardinal photos.

also, do you incorporate geography into the sourcing of the photos and possible species?

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