Rant: "DEBIRD" Software

Has it come to this?

A $200 software product just to remove bird sounds from recordings? WTF! This is sacrilege to any nature lover!

As if people were hearing too many birds in their daily life! I want to remove people sounds from my bird recordings!


… although maybe we could use it to clean up insect sound recordings? ;-)


According to the site it can also be used to export the isolated bird sounds. Sounds much more useful to me :D


Well…my quick skimming of the website suggests something more than anti-avian hostility. I’m not what specific type of audio ‘recordists’ are the target audience here, but there are reviews by video game recordists, etc.

My bigger gripe are the added ridiculous bird calls/audio from so many classic movies, tv shows, including mismatches between a ‘bird shot’ up in the sky and the audio, or audio from birds not likely to be at that location, etc. ;)


Agreed. Very distracting!

Oh, in classic and even recent movies, “that one red-tailed hawk” has been a running joke in my family for years. :)


Yeah I was joking–mostly. I thought it was somewhat emblematic of how most people shut nature out of their lives–even in the production of film or whatever they use that for. I’m sure it’s a great product for what it’s for.

Plant blindness meet bird deafness.

They actually may develop software to remove plane and traffic noise–which would be a boon for birders.

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Oh wow, “bird deafness” describes it perfectly. Then there’s those of us who can’t not-hear a bird even if they wanted to: maybe the software is for producers who don’t want those hearing-empowered listeners to get distracted from the live outdoor music, or whatever audio they are trying to clean up. ;)

If only I could run such software around my home to extract the highway and flyover noise leaving only the birds and the insects and the wind through the trees…that would be glorious :)

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I could see a good use for it, like if you have generic/inaccurate audio for a scene that you want to add more accurate sounds to, like for Foley work. Those nature documentaries have to get their sound somewhere, and it’s not always on the field. :grin:
(https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/sounds-natural/ not related, but really interesting)

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