Real life "shinies"

The other day, I spotted what turned out to be a grasshopper with a rare mutation similar to albinism, erythrism, which left it a bright pink color. That made me wonder, how many of you have spotted funky little mutants like that?


Have seen an obs of a salticid that looked like it had an extra eye… I’ll see if I can find it…

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I’ve seen an American Robin with white patches all over and a House Sparrow with random white flight feathers. I’d love to see a bird that has all its colour changed though.

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check out this project:
Just full of stuff like that.
There are a few spin-off projects too.


Cool. Thank you for pointing this thread out.

One of my fave observations of the week:

I enjoy seeing common grackles with a single white tail feather. I’ve not seen a completely leucistic one yet but the one white feather thing is somewhat common.

Locally, there’s a well-known leucistic red-tailed hawk that’s hopefully still bopping around. Weird and beautiful to see.

Cool! I love that Amazing Aberrants project, @charlie!

I thought it was really interesting when I learned a couple years ago that there are many animal species that can get vitiligo (patchy loss of pigment on the skin and hair), just like humans. I know a few people with vitiligo, but I haven’t yet come across any animals with it. I only glanced through that project a little, but I think there were some.


When i was working down in the lab while doing my bachelor thesis in Bodø, Northern Norway, we once got sent a speciment of Skrei (migratory atlantic cod) that was almost completely bright yellow. Asked my teacher about it, and apparently it’s not uncommon for this kind of cod to look like this.

Yes!! I love finding things like this and my immediate thought absolutely goes to finding a ‘shiny’ pokémon too…!

I haven’t come across many of these, but recently saw a really interesting ginger Grey Squirrel in Hyde Park which was pretty cool and definitely fairly uncommon. Not as cool as a pink Grasshopper, but I’ll take it! Thanks for linking to the amazing aberrants project too. Very cool.

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I’ve seen several:

An albino common carp
Eastern Gray squirrel: a black one, one with a blond tail, and a brown one
A pink grasshopper
White variant of Henbit

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