Reason for suspension

Hi. Is It possible to see the reason why a user has been suspended? I noticed that the top identifier in Denmark has had her account suspended.

It is not possible to see, as when it is manually done, there is no tool to add a reason, and when it is an automated task, nothing is documented.

Her account got flagged as a spammer. This was due to her posting an identical comment 3 times on 3 separate records in quick succession, which the automated spam prevention tool interprets as evidence of likely spam activity.

Obviously this is just the automated spam filter being too aggressive, so I removed the flags and reset her account.


Wow, I had no idea this would trigger a spammer alert. When I am doing IDs, I frequently need to make the same comment on several mis-identifications. I don’t think I have ever set this alarm off, but I wouldn’t want to. Shouldn’t identifiers know about this?


Without double checking I think her comments included a web link which triggers it more aggressively.


I’m back again, thank you for fixing the problem @cmcheatle :-)

I think their was some kind of bug with the comments that resulted in 3 identicals. When I wrote the first one it just disappeared but still sent a notification to the person I tagged. He mailed me and said he couldn’t see anything. So I tried writing the same thing again but nothing happened. I decided to just wait and look at it again later but I were never able to log in again :-P

Best regards, Monica

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If you’ve passed a certain threshold of observation activity, your account is automatically trusted as a “non-spammer” which prevents your account from getting flagged as spam by the system (and also publicly displays your profile). In @monicaoyre’s case, because she had 0 observations of her own, she didn’t have the “non-spammer” designation before, but she does now. :-)

(We get a lot of spam accounts so the automatic detection is unfortunately necessary).


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