Recent Updates to the Identify Page

Hey all,

We’ve released a few updates to the Identify page over the past week or so, and I wanted to just note them here.

  1. As had been requested here and here, we removed the leaderboard from the Identify page, collapsed the progress bar by default (you can open it by clicking on the gray >>), and added an thumbnail size chooser.

  1. In anticipation of the likely rise in unmarked captive/cultivated observations by new users due to City Nature Challenge and the northern hemisphere spring, you can now lock in your zoom level as you go through observations. This should reduce the number of times you have to zoom in on the map to see if that plant was seen in someone’s yard, something I’ve personally been doing a lot of lately. You will only see this option appear when you change the zoom level on the map.

  1. Also in anticipation of CNC and the increase in new users, we’ve added Captive Observations as a source for Observations in Suggestions tab.

Let us know if you come across any bugs, and thank you for all of the ID help you provide on iNat!


The new “lock zoom level” option is awesome. Thanks for adding that.


Tony, many thanks to you and those who proposed for improvements item 1. No additional clicks are required to enlarge the image for identification


Nice. Looks like I will use this feature in the future. In the past it felt cumbersome.
thank you

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Thanks! I definitely can’t take credit, these ideas came from the community and other staff members. I just make screenshots and red arrows. :-P


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