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Hello, when trying to use Android app to recognize sounds of birds it says that Google Services are needed but I just don’t have them. Where else can I add sounds to recognize them?

I’m not sure I am understanding your question correctly, but it is worth noting, iNaturalist cannot make AI-suggested IDs for audio like it does for pictures. Your best bet is to upload the audio with as good an ID as you can give it (even if it’s just “Animals” or “Birds”), and let the community refine the ID.


I use an iPhone, and am unfamiliar with Android.
I use the Merlin app for bird sounds.
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Yes! Merlin is a great “bird Shazam.” I have used it to ID recordings that I play from my laptop, either through its own speakers or Bluetooth external speakers. New calls get added to the library frequently, so it’ll get even better over time.

Too bad there’s not such a thing for frogs or invertebrates…maybe someday!


Humans are just beginning to learn to listen to nature.
I have new hearing aids that connect with my iPhone ( it’s incredible!) so now I can hear Merlin and Not disturb the birds, which I can also hear.


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