Records per page

Less of a bug, more of an observation
I can select 10, 30, 50… observations per page.
however the alphabet has 26 letters which creates 4 blank map pins. Could 30 be replaced by 26. Thios will help when I am sorting other issues.

The way may brain works, i’d much rather have a few blank pins than to have to mentally process anything in groups of 26. But maybe it’s just me.

I’m having issues with the location of my observations iNaturalist or my image or my phone GPS or something gets it wrong. I keep having things a few miles away from the observations. Not having misplaced pins with blank labels will help.

if these are the observations that are miles away from where you expect them, then this is by design. the system is automatically obscuring the location of sensitive species observations:

if this is another one of the observations that is miles away from where you expect it, then this is also by design. it looks like you’ve chosen to obscure the location of this observation. so that obscured location is miles away from its true location:

@rhcooke Can you share a link to some examples. I don’t think it is the obscuring as so long as it is your record, you see the actual location. One exception is the main list view where the text still shows the obscured locale name, but if you open the record you will, see the true location.

@cmcheatle @pisum
This link shows a Geum urbarnum. I am guessing that it is not classed as a sensitive species. The actual location is about a mile north west of the observation. I have made several corrections over the last few days. I think I have re positioned this one several times.

The gps data in the photo metadata matches what is showing in the inaturalist data exactly so it may be a case of the gps in your phone not picking up an accurate location.

How exactly have you repositioned it?

Have you tried clicking on “Your Observations” in the header? That will show you your observations on the Explore page and I think it’s easier to use.

yes, i notice sometimes when i go in through the website and edit the location, it doesn’t seem to stick. i don’t remember the exact series of steps to take to get it to not stick, but i would try different ways of changing the location to see if you can get it to stick (click on a new spot on the map, drag the existing spot over to a new location, etc.). once you’re able to save the new location successfully using one of these methods, then i don’t think it should revert back to the bad location.