Remove an observation's date, time, and location in the app

Doesn’t look like it’s possible to delete the observed date, time, or location from the app. If I can’t remember when exactly I saw it and I don’t have an image or one with or with correct metadata, it doesn’t make sense for there to be a time observed associated with the observation (especially not one that is depicted as being accurate down to the exact minute, and especially not one that reflects the time I created the observation rather than the time I observed).

Date observed is less likely to be forgotten, except for very old observations.

Removing the location is less important, because I can always make the accuracy radius super big, but I would imagine there are some cases where a user would like to remove the location completely.

I tried to tap and tap/hold in Android and see if there was a remove option but I’m not finding one.

Looks like this has been implemented, so I’ll close this. Thanks!