Question: Can you remove date and location info from observations in the iPhone App?

Let’s say I take a photo of an unlabeled insect in a collection. I don’t want to include a location or date, because those are unknown, but in the App it automatically assigns a location and date. Let’s say for whatever reason I cannot access the website–is there a way to leave the date and location fields blank just in the App?

edit: added the words “observations in” to the title for clarity.

I don’t think you can do that on any naturalist clients. I just tried removing the location from one of my observations and could not do it.

I would use the data quality flags location inaccurate and date inaccurate. Alternatively, delete the observation


But you can post them originally without one; I think that’s what they’re saying


You could set geoprivacy to “private” which will have almost the same effect. To everyone except you, it will show the month and year observed, but no location information.

I’m not sure why you’d want to do this. The chance of getting an accurate ID without location information is slim, and the observation would be automatically Casual which means identifiers are unlikely to look at it. Such observations are also not of much value for researchers.


A totally unlabeled insect wouldn’t have locality information, so any location would be incorrect to include.

That said, iNat observations are supposed to be your own nature observations, not those from other people’s collections. So presumably you’d know at least the continent where you collected the insect?

In the Android app yes, but not in the iOS app as far as I am aware. (But yes, it’s available on the website.)