Remove "Flags on X's content" from Admin Tools menu?

With the Moderation History page available, is there any reason to keep the “Flags on X’s content” option? Does anyone use that over the Moderation History page?


Seems like the only reason to use it would be for a curator to quickly look at their own flagged content, since they can’t access their own Moderation History.

I’d be for removing it. The notes page is more comprehensive. Or combining.


I appreciate that it displays differently. For flagged comments, it shows the comments without having to click through, which is helpful if you’re looking for a pattern prior to taking action. One can still get the same effect by filtering from the flags page. But then you can lose your place if the original flag that made you want to look up the user is too far down.

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Just closing the loop to share that this link to a user’s flagged content was removed.

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