Removing blank space in Observation Field page

Just something little, but there’s a lot of unused blank space in the individual pages for Observation Fields. Here’s a screenshot of a field that I’m using a lot at the moment:

The entire right half of the screen is just blank space that doesn’t seem to have any use, and I reckon it would be great to expand out those bars for the number of observations so that we can see them better. They are very squished at the moment and it doesn’t seem like there’s any reason why they can’t be expanded. At the moment it’s so squished that the (truncated) 205 near the bottom is essentially the same size as the 3 at the very bottom!

Would it be possible to have these expanded out to the right, or am I missing something important?


That layout seems to be consistent with scaling the full width to be proportional to the total number of observations using the field (about 8700 in this case). Each bar then shows that value’s proportion of the total.

Your proposal appears to be to scale the full width to be the largest value and the others proportional to that. That does seem to be an improvement. I can’t think of a scenario where seeing bars as a proportion of the total would be more useful than setting the largest value to show as full width.


It seems to be just a maximum width for the longest bar rather than a proportion, because the longest bar is the same length in all the observation fields. E.g. here is another than has only one populated category:

Might I suggest that it would be better to say “using” blank space (rather than “removing” blank space), in your title.

right now, it looks like the longest bar is will be 200px long. i’m guessing this was a design choice. probably most observation fields are not used that much and don’t have that many different values. so it would look odd to have really long bars in most cases.

if you really want an accurate bar chart, i would just copy the information from the web page and paste it into something like Excel, and then make an actual chart.

short of that, you could use your browser’s developer tools to modify the width style property of the #allowed_values .count-col class, like so (although this will only stay this way until you close your browser tab or go to another page):

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