Report: State of the World’s Birds 2022 (pubished September 28, 2022) paints most concerning picture for nature yet

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This fifth edition of BirdLife’s flagship State of the World’s Birds report summarises what birds, as barometers for planetary health, can tell us about the state of nature, the pressures upon it, and the solutions in place and needed. The data paint a deeply concerning picture – nearly half of all bird species are in decline, with more than one in eight at risk of extinction. The pressures causing these declines are well understood, and the vast majority are driven by human actions. The challenges to conservation are escalating, and time is running out. The coming years will be the ‘critical decade’ to act.

see PDF report in French, Spanish, English. download available
PDF (English):


I saw something online a while back (don’t know the source) but it stated in the US we have 50 million birds. those numbers include the feral pigeons, european starlings and house sparrows. Wonder what the number would be if you excluded those species?

You may be interested it this paper: Decline of the North American Avifauna

It reports net population declines in the billions, and I think NA has around 9-12 billion birds. Perhaps your 50 million birds is a misremembering of the global bird estimation of 50 billion. See here for the paper that shows that estimation.


Maybe so.

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