Solved: Observation with 5 confirming ids isn't making Research Grade

ls this a bug (the id problem, not the animal!) or is there a reason why this observation isn’t making the Grade?

Here’s another one, same sp, four confirming ids, no Research Grade.

^^^oops; corrected the copy and paste error in the url.

not a bug. somebody marked that the id could “be improved” in the dqa, which prevents it from going to rg.


Under “Data Quality Assessment” the original observer voted Yes for “Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?” That vote needs to be removed or countered before the obs can reach RG.

NOT a bug.


I saw three of us replying at once, and decided to sit tight for a moment :-)


Aha! Thank you all for the lesson. =)

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Gosh, that was an easy fix! Thanx again.

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